How to Fix Technical Difficulties Error in WordPress

How to Fix Technical Difficulties Error in WordPress


How to fix technical difficulties error in wordPress

WordPress: It has a very frustrating issues that can completely shut-down our systems. The main effect is that it does not provide guidance about the problem that has been created which is again one of the main issues to be solved. So, it has been seen that “the site is experiencing technical difficulties” it is one such issue. The wordpress is one which does not tell much that what is happening in the site. In some cases, it starts stop working. It has been seen in wordpress that some plugins and themes do not work together with each other.


We should check our E-mail for a fatal error notification:-

In it means that wordpress will send a site and Email should contain more information about the content and the main reason of causing the error. There are two keys to be used in the Email for the troubleshoot faster which are as follows: –

  • The name of plugins and themes causing conflicts
  • A link to put your site on a ‘recovery mode’.

It is also possible without have information. But the error is that technical difficulties is taking place at wordpress. Determine that which extension is causing the problem. There is different extension that has been used in the wordpress. Suppose if you are an admin and the the error occurs it is definitely not your fault. It is natural that extension can cause error and it can be resolved with the help of inbox instructions. It is best to do so before proceeding, but if you are not a site admin it is not at all possible for you to recover the site. So, for recovery of the technical difficulties occurring in the site you must be a admin.

Step1: Troubleshoot for a plugin or theme conflict:

Due to the nature of wordpress fatal error is also the main reason for technical difficulties. Without which you cannot often to access the backend of the site to deactivate and extension that is causing the problem. It is important to have plugin and themes while technical difficulties. On the recovery mode link, you will have two options for working around this limitation.

Step2: Resolving the conflict in a recovery mode:

If you are accessing the recovery mode link it is obvious that you site is backend where you will be prompted to log in using the wordpress credentials. For this you do not have to use an admin account. Whether the site manager intends to send the recovery mode link an additional use up and permit them to the troubleshoot. The latter party can construct their own credentials. It is very important to note that; while you are working in a recovery mode, fatal error will persist for other users and your site visitors too.

Users who have get logged in through the recovery mode the connection will be able to get access to the website usually. Now under each link there is plugins and themes in an extension, and you are needed to select them and access in the site where technical difficulties took place, to avoid the disaster of the site select the plugin apply them and click on deactivate. Pick And choose exit recovery mode through the admin bar. The problematic extension will now be deactivated, and we can use the site again without causing any issue. But before that it is really needed to be seen as follow:

  • Delete the extension if it is not needed for any key functionally on the site.
  • Remove the conflicts plugin or delete the themes and replace it.
  • Contact the plugin or themes developer and ask if they can edit the extension code to resolve the conflict.
  • You must edit the tool code to resolve the conflicts yourself and to re-activate it.
STEP:3 ensure that you are running a supported version of the PHP:

Now it is very important to see that if your site is backend. And working without technical difficulties, if that case for you next move should be determined that by using supported version of PHP. Since wordpress 5.0 is no longer supported in the version but still it is enlarged for running a supported version. It is important to have update in the version of the wordpress. It is very natural and easy to log in the site of the PHP new version. The PHP version for each site you have logged in is to be listed right. If you are running a outdated version it will definitely have a side effect on the website.

STEP:4 enable the wordpress’ Debug mode:

It must not be there but still if the same technical issue is taking place again. You must be attempted to diagnose the underlying issues causing by wordpress debug mode. This is another built-in troubleshoot features that will reveal PHP errors. Save and re-upload the file. And then return to your site and remove the extension and add to the debug mode it is obvious set that now the technical difficulties have been removed.

STEP:5 view your server’s error log:

If you do not see suspicious messages in the debug mode. Then must check server error log. From the drop-down menu, select error.log then look for nay issue that may causing the site issues. So, it is very simple that the extension or the site error has been resolved in debug mode. And it is very important to re activate the site.

STEP:6 contact your hosting provider

If you are exhausted with all above steps, then you are still having not been able to eliminate “the site experiencing technical difficulties”. that is bring in some help the issues may lie with you sever but the above steps that have been taken to resolve the technical difficulties are the best way to solve the technical issue.


There are many ways to resolve the technical difficulties occurring in a site while logging then must try the above 6 measure to resolve your technical difficulties.


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