Risk of rain 2: How to Unlock Characters

Risk of rain 2: How to Unlock Characters

How to unlock Risk of Rain 2 Characters is basically a near-perfect 3D translation of the 2D side-scroller and this game is basically a fun filler and exciting third-person shooter. Risk of Rain 2 is also a best worth of your time spending with friends. It also lets you to found exponentially more fun as you earn new characters to play. But playing, earning and unlocking of Risk of Rain 2 are not at all a simple task, so this article is providing the steps to unlock the Risk of Rain 2 characters.

Risk of Rain 2 Characters unlock:

  • Commando
  • MUL-T
  • Huntress
  • Engineer
  • Artificer
  • Mercenary

Unlocking of all the above mentioned Risk of Rain 2 unlock characters are given below

Below are the key points/steps to unlock Risk of Rain 2:

Unlock of Commando:


Commando is the starting/default character of Risk of Rain 2, so we need to play the character for few times before facing with someone new even after so many hours, again we will be back to commando. Risk of rain 2 Commando duration is relatively short but he is very good at teaching flow of Risk of Rain 2 characters unlock. Commando attack is basically very east and fast to aim.

It’s most piercing ability is more effective when you take time to line up a juicy group of enemies and strongly helps to escape out from the danger. Commando’s fastest character to stun number of enemies in a while and is very easy to crack and more fun to play. We can finally come to know Commando is very weak as he is stating survivor.

Unlock MUL-T:


 To unlock MUL-T, we need to beat the first level for five times because MUL-T is having the special feature of flexible fighter with uniqueness. It can swap any to basic attack at any time. One attack will makes is a short-range, fast-firing nail gun that is good for crowds and bosses. And the other attack is a long-range rifle which excels at picking off flying enemies.

Swapping any of our basic attack may also swap  Equipment like ‘Use’ item, To make MUL-T is the only survivor will be the one who can use two different Equipment items simultaneously for the attacks.

MUL-T is the best in swapping primary attacks effectively while using your dash and stun grenades to handle big targets and crowds. In This character robot generates lot of fun to play.

Unlock Huntress:


For this we need to clear the starting three levels without dying. Huntress is the queen of AoE. Her auto primary attack is slow and relatively weak, Where the Commando excels at single-target damage.

Huntress is  having the incredible ability at melting the enemy groups and  a ricocheting glaive, means it can bounce between up to six enemies, so it helps us to use her when we need to hit two enemies. If the huntress throw alone, she’ll disappear after one hit, leads to wastage of precious damage.

Huntress can also arrange/lay down arrows rain at a target location by dealing with damage of every nearby enemy. This fantastic feature makes you to go-to boss DPS, and holding the charge mid-air also keeps you far out range of so many ground enemies. Huntress has the best escape feature in the game: a straight-up teleport. This feature helps you to reach the target which you are aiming or it helps you to jump from the obstacle. Huntress is the most favorite character to everyone who shows interest to play the original game.

To unlock Engineer:


We need to pass 30 levels to unlock the character Engineer which helps you to unlock the Risk of Rain 2 Characters.

The Engineer is all about used in placing and defending the turrets. Don’t misunderstood, Engineer has other cool features of deployable proximity mines, a bubble shield which has the ability that blocks all external attacks, and a basic attack that fires volleys of bouncy grenades. But turrets are Engineer’s most important bread and butter. Once deployment started, the turrets will automatically attack all nearby enemies for massive damage.

To unlock Artificer:


We need to spend 10 lunar coins to make artificer get out from the Newt shop where you can get those lunar coins drop by the enemies randomly. The blue portal of the Newt Shop will opens randomly when we clear the levels/stages, but we can spend only one Lunar Coin at a Newt Altar (before activating the Teleported) to make it appear which is before activating the Teleported then only we can find the Artificer in a block of ice next to the big Newt himself.

Artificer is a true-blue mage who wields fire, ice, and lightning which helps to get the target/expectation of cool downs and combines the elements from the mage. It’s basic attack  is a fireball that affects on the charge system. Once you run out of charges, we won’t be in a position to attack. Your fireballs recharge quickly but this ability can still be disorienting at first, especially if you’re used to one of the character like Commando who can spam his basic attack with impunity. Even we get used to it though; the Artificer’s fireball is tremendously strong.

Her other abilities correspond to specific elements. Initially it has a lightning orb which Artificer can charge up before releasing to increase its range and capacity of attacking. Then Artificer ice wall freezes enemies at that instant/place and kills them if the enemies are below 20 percent health. This feature isn’t strong on its own, but Artificer is a potent finisher.

Suggested used on enemies stunned by our lightning orb. Watch grab some mobility-boosting items.

Unlock Mercenary:

We need to clear seven level to Mercenary to complete the unlock of Risk of Rain 2 characters.

After the seventh level we will reach Obelisk which is inside the Celestial port. This will immediately end our run and unlock the Mercenary. As the only current trending character in Risk of Rain 2, Mercenary plays very differently as compared from the other survivors. You might think that a dude with a sword would feel clunky in a third-person shooter.

Mercenery’s basic attack is like a close-range sword swipe, but truly, we can use it without any doubt. Mercenary has the feature such as low cool downs that can chain them together.


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