Pros and Cons Of Remote Learning in Digital Era

Pros and Cons Of Remote Learning in Digital Era

Remote learning doesn’t have a long history. But it takes place within the society. Now, we can say that it will continue and grow as well. In recent times, it doesn’t showcase much importance. But covid-19 increased its importance. Due to the lockdown, the amount of remote learners has increased a lot. Many schools changed their policies regarding their traditional patterns. Nowadays schools give training to their teachers and students about remote learning. People start considering the importance of remote learning. Many students show interest in it. Covid-19 is not the only reason for their interest. There is a debate all around the world about it. Some people consider it positive, while others consider it negative. Studies find both kinds of results. Everything has its positive and negative sides as well. In this article, we share the pros and cons of remote learning. It will help people in overcoming their cons. Moreover, they can gain the greatest advantage from it.


Courses Are Flexible:

Courses are flexible in remote learning. You don’t have to follow a specific timetable. You are not bound to stay in school for a specific time. You can plan the courses according to your ease. You must reach school in the morning. You can decide the time and course of study. You can attend classes from anywhere in the world. Every person has a different behaviour and attitude. Some students want to study in the morning. In contrast, some like to study at night. It eases them in planning their time. Sometimes students don’t want to study. They sit in the class without any interest. This kind of learning has no benefits. It allows them in studying when they want to. It increases the effectiveness of students as well.

Learn And Earn:

Remote learning allows you to earn during your study. Many students have the responsibility to support their families. In the traditional education system, many students leave their education to do this. But you can continue your study while working. Many jobs holders also enrol in the online education system. In this way, they continue their learning during their jobs. It makes them able to grow in their career. Students show great interest in learning with earning. This is because it increases their experience. They get the idea of the market as well. They are also able to make links in the market through this. Yet, it is a major reason because of which students preferremote learning.

No Boundaries:

Nowadays education is not bound by boundaries. Students can get knowledge from anywhere. They don’t have to be physically present. They can learn anything by staying at home. They even enrol in international universities. In the past, relocating was not an easy task. People were worried about the education of their kids. But now you can move anywhere in the world. It also increases exposure of the students. They can learn from different schools. They learn many things from diverse teachers. In short, it’s one of the biggest advantages of remote learning.


Less Accountability:

Students feel less accountable in the aspect of remote learning. This is because they are not part of the traditional classroom. They do not remain focused for a long time. Many times they fail to follow their schedule. They show less interest in doing the task. Discipline is important for students. It is a key feature of the traditional system. But in remote learning, students don’t care about discipline. They are not too motivated about studies. They take them for granted. If accountability’s ensured, then they won’t show this kind of behaviour. We observed the behaviour of our kids in this pandemic. They didn’t focus on their classes. They show non-serious behaviour while taking online classes. It happens because they didn’t ensure accountability. This is the biggest drawback of remote learning.

Lack Of Attention:

Recommended by a UK dissertation help firm, teacher and students must maintain effective relations. But they lack in it duringremote learning. Every student wants individual attention from the teacher. It helps them in finding the best learning method for them. Many students complain about the lack of interaction in it. This is because physical interaction helps in the creation of understanding. It tells a lot of things about the students. Moreover, learning is a two-way process. But in remote learning, it looks one sided. Teachers read the slides and don’t know about the students. Students’cooperation level is not satisfactory either. Besides, every student has a personality. Teachers have to deal with students according to it. But this is not possible in the aspect of remote learning.

A Lot of Material:

In remote learning, you have to deal with a lot of material. It’s not an easy task. This is because you have to understand it by yourself. In traditional way, you can visit the teacher’s office for discussion. But in remote learning, you have to travel alone. It increases procrastination. Students don’t complete their work on time. In conclusion, students have to complete a lot of tasks. Moreover, teachers don’t know about the personalities of their students. They don’t know about the potential of their students either. They focus only on giving lectures and the highlighting of associated resources. A lot of material decreases interest of the students. Coursework includes many difficult topics. If students are unable to understand those, then it affects their performance in the end.


Remote learning takes attention of the whole world. Many schools make policies about it. People talk a lot about it. They show concern about this method of education. Remote learning has its pros and cons as well. It allows students to use flexible schedules for studying. Further, it also makes them able to earn while studying. It sighs relief to many students too. Remote learning erases all the borders. Nowadays Asian students can learn from the universities within US. In contrast, it makes the students less accountable. They don’t focus on their study. They don’t complete their tasks on time either. Moreover, teachers are also not able to give attention to every student. Hence, itensures its place in the world. We have to increase its benefits by overcoming the drawbacks.


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