IsaiDub – A Blackhole in the Film Industry

Piracy outbreak is the crucial threat for film and media industries. A large range of piracy websites are engaged in this illegal action. IsaiDub is a seemingly popular, banned and fast growing piracy website of India for downloading and also streaming movies . This website piles up all pirated copies of newly released movies through the strong network of media thugs and releases on their website within hours of the movie’s theatre premiere.

Some features of IsaiDub which enhance its popularity :

Around 1.5 million clients of Isaidub had been discovered in November 2018. This huge popularity of this site depends on some of its attractive features.

#Search friendly structure :This unethical IsaiDub website is basically very organised. Movies are arranged here in alphabetical order. This facilitates the user to find their expected movies then download and enjoy them.

#Wide categories of movies and series :They offer a huge range and variety of movies and series to its audiences. Initially they were pirating Tamil movies. But recently all kinds of movies including Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Pakistani, etc., are available on their website. Not only the movies, they upload pirated copies of drama series, Anime, cartoons and so on.

#Offering convenient formats: Audio-visual quality of the movies is also good. This site offers movies in different formats such as MKV, MPEG, 300 MB, 720 MBHD, Full HD and with resolution from 300p,720p and also 1080p.This makes the website convenient for the users of various storage sizes and network connectivity.

#Dubbed versions in native languages are available:

And the most attractive part is they dubbed most of the films in native language, particularly in Tamil. So people who have no understanding of any other languages except Tamil, can enjoy a large variety of Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam or Pakistani movies or dramas.

#Free of charge :Young people, mainly students who can’t afford to watch movies with cost, grabbed this luring and so called ‘free of cost’ offers of IsaiDub website and support as well as promote them.

Will IsaiDub users face any security issues?

As this website has been banned by the government, people need a VPN connection to get access to this website. Many unsecured VPN can be found in Google App Store. Just by knowing a little about technology, users randomly download VPNs to browse through IsaiDub website.

What are the impacts of this website on the media and film industry ?

Each year on an average Indian Film Industry  suffers a loss of USD 3 million because of this type of piracy websites. Filmmakers endeavour to release a quality film to its audience. In return to that they as well as all the folks related with the film get monetary benefits as per their goal. But leaking movies deprived them from their worthy profits and this affects the industry distressfully.

How a banned site is still on the Internet?

Major causes among all are the expanded networks of cyber crime and using technical advantages.

#Strong syndicate :A large group of criminal minds inside and outside the film and media industry are involved with the publication, sponsorship and expansion of this illegal website. This site has liaison with the people who can make copies of the movies directly from the main copy before their official release. Just a handy high resolution mobile, what they need to copy the movies and offer to the website user just free of cost.This illegitimate syndicate is so strong that the law enforcement authorities couldn’t take any effective measures against them.

#Obtaining required technical support : Cyber security authority of India has turned down this website several times since 2016. To keep this site active online, they publish this website with different domain names through different VPNs to skip the copyright law and cyber security system. . The roots are still unknown.

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Net worth of IsaiDub :

Estimated net worth of IsaiDub website is about USD 15, 092,it depends on its traffic, daily active users and amounts of time spent on the website. This website also earns a handsome amount of revenue from the pop-up advertisements and from this sector it earns about USD 17,280.

Alternative authorized website to watch movies:

There are several alternative, secure, authorised websites on the Internet. Among them Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar Premium, Jio Movies, ErosNow, etc., are more popular. Nowadays Zee5 has added its name in this list.

Can an IsaiDub user be Punished ?

IsaiDub is a torrent, illegal banned website. Using this website to watch and download pirated movies is a criminal offence. This will be treated with punishment by the cyber crime law. One could be fined imprisonment upto 3 years along with a fine of 50 thousands to 2 Lakhs INR.


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