How to install the FiveM server in just 10 minutes

How to install the FiveM server in just 10 minutes


What is a FiveM?

FiveM began as a group project with a straightforward target to enable players to play GTA V online with improvements. It was formerly known as Five Reborn, but it was later renamed FiveM.   

FiveM strives to have the most customization flexibility possible, and it supports a wide range of game modes, cars, weapons, scripts, server and environment changes, and more. It also allows players to learn both solo and multiplayer.

For over 5 years, FiveM has been around and is developing a lot. The initial GTA V files are not touched by FiveM. However, you need plenty of spare disc space to handle all the additional FiveM files and mods you have or are adding. It is also good to have a powerful computer to run these mods, particularly if they have new textures with high resolution

What is needed to install the server?

If you don’t obey the rules or start running a server without a license it will ban servers from your network. You will need proper authorization or license if you want to run a FiveM server on your network. The great news is that there are free servers for up to 32 players, so you don’t have to pay anything. 33-64 player servers require a monthly fee of $15 and 65-128 players require a fee of $50.

How to install FiveM Server?

FiveM is feasible and permissible to install. To host it, you will need a server. A cloud service or a dedicated server is feasible. In this way, you can get fantastic hardware, so there will be no problems as many players run the server.

 In addition, you will reap the low latency, high-speed bandwidth of a leading data center whether you want a cloud or a dedicated server.

The development of the FiveM server adds it to the official server list. This is an excellent place to meet new friends who want the same mods.

But don’t try to misuse this server. 

Depending on your hosting plans, you can get the appropriate cloud server for around EUR 18 per month. The generated FiveM license will be free for up to a maximum of 32 players.

The server will not run the entire game, but anything for about 32 players with about 4GB-8GB of RAM is enough. You could find a much cheaper cloud server with less RAM if you choose to play with less than 16 or even 10 players.

You can download your FiveM server on Windows. A Linux edition is also available but is much less supported. 

Key Points:

  • Notice that it is really important that you apply for a license key before the server is installed. You would still need a public IP to do this. This public IP is necessary for the initial registration to validate the server.
  • GIT Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 must also be installed. Moreover, the whole process is really simple
  • It will take you another 10 minutes to set it up. This ensures that the user admin server pass is created and a design is selected.
  • The next move is to attach the modifications that you like. As well, creating a full backup of the FiveM installation folder before you add mods is a really good idea. In this way, you can quickly recover products if a mod problem exists.
  • You have to apply the mods and scripts to your FiveM server files’ Resources folder. Disable the cache from the key folder until that. Switch it on in the citmp-server.yml file in the server’s root folder. And your FiveM server is ready to use here. 
How to uninstall the FiveM server?

You can easily use the Windows uninstall options. That’s the beginning. Even after this, some files will remain. FiveM folders can stay or make a mistake that something is using them so that you can’t remove them. Kindly verify which windows apps are starting and which are not. You can do this with the Task Manager in the Startup column. If all is there, delete any FiveM links present. Then restart the machine and continue to remove the remainder of the files. Another alternative will be to try to delete Windows in Safe Mode.


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