Getting a Job is hard itself but it is much more difficult and frustrating if you are an international
student. At times employers are hesitant to hire foreign workers, in such a situation you need a country
that provides maximum exposure to the job market and welcomes you warmly.

There is no place known for their love of helping people, other than Canada, the exposure it provides
the international students in the job market is much more than any first-world country. If you want to
know more about the benefits of working in Canada and the job opportunities present for you, read on!

Benefits of Working in Canada

Ample Employment Opportunities:

Canada has very low underemployment rates compared to other developed countries its immense
focus on advancing modern technology makes it an ideal place to work for careers in software
development or information technology.

Canada pays its employees the highest minimum wage what can range from $10.50 – $13.00 depending
on the province you are working in. Canadian companies offer an affordable worker healthcare plan
too and apart from this, foreign workers' healthcare plan also covers dependents.

Employee Insurance:

If you have the required educational qualification and experience, finding jobs will not be a trouble for
you. Once you get the job, you as an employee will get to enjoy all the benefits of employee Insurance.

These benefits include:
 Benefits to the family
 Benefits to the self-employed
 Health
 Education benefits
 Benefits for when you are unable to work due to some illness or disability.

These gains are enough to attract one to apply for a job in Canada and you as a student can take full
advantage of this opportunity.

Job Security:

In multiple countries, students have to face the shocking reality that they might not find a job once they
have graduated or it may get tough to keep the job if the economy is struggling. This is not the case with
the Canadian Job Market.

There are many jobs available in one of Canada’s key industries that international students with certain
in-demand jobs in Canada will not require Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from their
respective employers. These jobs are mostly available in the agricultural and meat processing industry.
Most of the jobs in Canada offer Job security, which protects the employees if they lose their Jobs due
to any illness or disability.

Advanced Technology:

Canada is one of the countries that is constantly trying to improve its technology and employ
modernized technology and equipment. Because of this, Canada gives considerable attention to the
research and development sectors. Therefore, providing various job opportunities to enhance their
knowledge and skills.

Choosing to work in Canada will expose you to the best technology and this kind of exposure will help in
the growth of your career. The high-quality education and the developed economic system are why
Canada is so advanced in its industrial sector.

Employee Friendly Work Policies:

In Canada, you are given the chance to work for 20 hours every week during your semesters and full-
time during summer and winter vacations. This leaves plenty of time to work on your university
assignment. Given the minimum wage of $10.50, you will still be earning more than an average USA
student and therefore have a better student life.

If you are someone who has graduated and is looking for a job then you will be glad to know that in
Canadian companies, you only have to work for 8 hours, 5 days a week – 40 hours a week. Therefore,
you can maintain a good work-life and personal life as the working hours are quite flexible and not
overwhelming. The extra hours that you work are paid and the work pressure is much less compared to
that of the developed countries.

Choosing to work in Canada means that you will have time to explore your hobbies without having to
worry about your work. It is quite better if your mind is not thinking about working 24/7 as it can cause
mental illnesses.

Good Work Environment:

In Canada, the people are really warm and friendly, they will always try to help you out when you are
stuck with a problem and apologize for every minor inconvenience. This translates into their work
environment and ethics. The work environment in Canada is very friendly. There are a couple of
wellness programs that keep help ensure the better mental health of their employees.

The well-being of the workers is never compromised. Fitness assessment and programs are always in
action solely because employers do not want their workers to neglect their mental health.


Canada is one of the most diverse countries. With students coming from all across the world as well as
immigrants, there are people of every background you can name. Canada accepts and welcomes them
all warmly.

As diversity increases in Canada, many companies have taken measures to ensure that their work
culture features as diverse a population as possible. This is why it is so good to work there, because not
only do they want variety but you will have no trouble fitting in either.

Better Work Experience:

If all of this does not give you a reason to work in Canada as an international student. Then knowing that
Canada has been considered as one of the best countries to work in, will. Canada has been ranked 9 th on
the world happiness report for Job satisfaction as of 2019. Around 90% of Canadian workers are
satisfied with their jobs which is great compared to 60% globally.

Jobs Available For International Students:

After Graduation

Software developer:

In Canada, as eCommerce is skyrocketing, businesses are looking to entice customers to choose their
products or services over the competition. These companies are looking for developers who can create
applications that meet new consumer needs and you can apply for them.

Electrical Engineer:

The demand for electrical engineers with well-rounded skills that are not only limited to technical
knowledge but also who have good communication skills, writing skills, and project management. You
can easily apply for this job if you have a degree in electrical engineering.

Essay Writer:

You can apply for Job as an essay writer in a Canadian Essay writing service. If you have good research and writing skills as well as a good educational background you will get accepted into one of these essay writing services.

To become an essay writer Canadabased, it is preferred that you also have a passion for helpingthese students. Only then can you provide them with the best assistance.

Customer service Representative:

Currently, the need for a customer service representative is enormous. The quality of customer service
can have a lasting impact on business, and refunds or cancellation policies might not be enough to keep
people happy. These days, customers want to get a real person when they call, not an automated
message and you can be that person if you apply for this job.

During Studies

 Server – Average $13 per hour
 Sales assistant – Average $14 per hour
 Barista – Average $14 per hour
 Dog walker – Average $15 per hour

 Tutor – Average $16 per hour
 Ridesharing driver/delivery driver – Average $19 per hour


Once you consider the advantages of working in canada and esposure to the caniadian Job market , you
will find it easier to decide what Job to go for.


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